Wedding Calligrapher – Inner Envelope?

Wedding season is in full swing and with more brides taking on the challenge of designing and printing their own invitations… I thought I would do a quick explanation of the envelopes and “stationery speak” of what each one entails.

Outer Envelope:

This envelope is the main large envelope that encloses your invitation upon which the guest name and addresses are written. If you have an inner envelope then this is for the head of the household rather than “and family” or “and guest”.

It is standard to have the return address printed on the back flap of this envelope by the printer.  Calligraphers do not include this address in their rates for “outer envelope addressing”.

wedding envelopes

Inner Envelope:

This is a large envelope that fits inside the outer envelope and still encloses the entire invitation suite. You will address this to the people who are invited to your event, this includes family and guests.  It was really important in the days of butlers and post traveling by horse with same day delivery. The expectation was that the outer envelope would be soiled, so it could be opened and a clean envelope could be presented to the addressee while maintaining privacy.

Today, the change of postal procedures means the outer envelope is less damaged…and we all do not have a butler.  You will find that only certain sizes/companies offer a inner envelope and today they are not standard in most designs.

wedding envelopes

The Inner and Outer Envelope are called an “envelope set” sometimes among calligraphers.

Response Envelope:

This envelope is the small envelope that partners with the response card and will have your mailing address printed on the front. (Or any person who is taking on the task of receiving the RSVP’s and keeping an organized list of acceptance or declines). This address is considered an additional address by calligraphers.

wedding envelopes

I hope this little guide is helpful to all who are trying to figure out what exactly they need calligraphed and what should be printed!

Virginia Calligrapher – Published on Borrowed & Blue Charlottesville

I found out this week that Ellie and Ted’s gorgeous Virginia wedding from last summer was featured on Borrowed and Blue.  Just in time for a little inspiration refresh for your summer weddings.  It really was a stunner designed by Easton Events, photographed by Eric Kelley Photography, with stationery by the fabulous Rock Paper Scissors.  Check out the entire feature here!

wedding calligrapher

Wedding Calligrapher – Featured on Green Wedding Shoes

Good Morning!  It was such a privilege to work with Kate Ignatowski and team on this styled shoot just featured on Green Wedding Shoes.  Our friends at Smock provided the beautiful stationery and I added a little calligraphy to complete the “Modern Eco-Friendly” look.  Hopefully you can get a few ideas for your own wedding!  Check out more fantastic photos here.

eco friendly modern calligrapher

eco friendly calligraphy

photographer: Kate Ignatowski // florals: Mimosa Floral // location + farm table: Pioneer Farm // invitation: Smock // assistant: Claire Teator // wedding dress: Kendal Leonard Designs // calligraphy: The Left Handed Calligrapher // gold bracelet + ring: Aquarian Thoughts // models: Brooklyn + Patrick Coats

Wedding Calligrapher – Setting up your guest list

Congratulations on your engagement!  It is so much fun planning the flowers and picking out the dress.  The worst part is putting together a guest list – lots of spelling checks and address checks and if you are not a whiz at excel it can be a bit overwhelming… since you have never put together a guest list like this before.  Today I wanted to chat about a couple of useful tricks to make you organized and your calligrapher happy.

wedding guest list

In the image below you can see how I like my guest lists set up for the basic list and for the advanced list to sort by any category (for you data driven couples).  The most important item is that there is a column for each line: the name, address, city/state/zip.

wedding guest list

Basic List

excel wedding guest list

Advanced List

Are you having trouble with the visual aspect of reading across?  Here is a nice hint – to return for a new line within an excel cell – click “Alt + Enter”.  Now you don’t have to space across until it looks like a new line.

This is never recommended though because the calligrapher will mail merge your list into a word document that will be easier for her to read.

wedding guest list tips

Final note – Remember to send your list to be checked by multiple people before sending it to your calligrapher.  We know you have spent months cultivating your list and changing spelling and addresses until it is perfect, it is easy to overlook something you have been looking at for so long.  Don’t be afraid to ask a second (or fifth) set of eyes to double check the list and probably save you some money!

Still wanting more? – you can download my guest list templates from the website here!

Have more questions – send them to me and they will be answered in a future post.

Wedding Calligrapher – Antique Wedding Vows

Recently, I completed a lovely set of wedding vows for a special Dallas couple on the anniversary of their wedding.   The paper is lovely and aged, the ink is a beautiful walnut and the script is based on as the groom says “upside down and backwards looking”.  I think it is prettier (and legible!) – but definitely a more historic script than you normally see from me.  These will be so beautiful framed to hang on their wall at home.

dallas calligrapher

Also – I was lucky enough to have 2 extra sheets of this aged paper and am offering a discount on love letters for Valentines Day!  One letter/sheet in this same style for $100.00. These are 8×10 in size and fit about 225 words or 1000 characters. They are shipped in a flat photo mailer.  Please e-mail your text to nicole{at} after purchase.  Only 2 available at this time.

Order now to receive in time!

Event Calligrapher – Framed Baby Footprints

A few years ago I had the privilege to work with a lovely new mom.  She was wise and had 5 sets of original footprints made in the delivery room to give as gifts to the family members.  I personalized the pages with name, date, weight and length.  (I just finished another set for her second child!)


They turned out so cute!

Dallas Calligrapher – Personalized photo Print

A few years ago I took on this custom birthday commission to personalize a photo of my clients husband.  It turned out pretty awesome!

Personal Calligraphy

Dallas Calligrapher

Wedding Calligrapher – National Handwriting Day

Happy day – I hope you send a note to someone you love today with pen and paper using the post office.  It’s always a joy to get a handwritten letter in the mail.  So I am offering to send 3 letters today to the first people who leave comments here.  Just leave a comment and then send me your mailing address to nicole {at}

national handwriting day

Wedding calligrapher – Austin, Texas Wedding Vows

Last year I worked with one of my former brides on creating vows for her 1 year anniversary.  We did a side by side set of their personal vows to be framed in a standard 8×10 frame.  They turned out lovely.

calligraphy wedding vows

Want your vows written in calligraphy?  Please plan in advance – I prefer one month and only work on them during June and December when addressing and invitation design is a bit slower!

Wedding Calligrapher – Color Envelopes!

Wedding season is here and it seems everyone is now planning for their invitations!  While we all love the chic, classic look of black, grey, white, ivory, and navy… sometimes a girl wants a little color.  Here are some great examples of envelopes with a pop.  If not for the wedding day, a definite possibility for a pre-wedding party!

Dallas Calligrapher

I adore these wood envelopes with white ink (in my Jane script).  And the green envelopes below in black ink (my Ellen script) – excellent for a spring event.

Wedding Calligrapher

A couple of different blue options – they also look fantastic with silver ink in a formal script like Talia.

Dallas Calligrapher

Wedding Calligrapher

I’m totally smitten with these long copper color envelopes from a wedding last year – a modified version of the Mitty Capitals.

Wedding Calligrapher

Pretty in Pink – paired with the Talia script in blue ink

Wedding Calligrapher

And bold orange also in my talia script!

Wedding Calligrapher

Wedding Calligrapher

These grey with yellow ink using my rook script are stunners.

And to wrap it up (I could go on!) – the classic colors… just inverted!  A total twist (and perfect for a swanky black tie affair).

Wedding Calligrapher