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Bella Figura so kindly featured my penmanship class on their blog this week and it turned out so pretty that I needed to share the post with you all!

Post below:

Our Designer of the Month Nicole Black recently offered a penmanship class with Southern Fried Paper, and she’ll be offering more classes again soon! Today we’re sharing details on what Nicole’s class entails, along with some quick tips for how to improve your own penmanship. We love how the class began: out of a love for beautiful, heartfelt words, carefully crafted with patience and pride. We’ll let Nicole take over from here!

This is a traditional penmanship class.  One that will teach you how to write with the grace of our grandmothers or great grandmothers. To slow down and think about each letter and each word and make them count to make a meaningful statement that the recipient will enjoy reading.

dallas calligraphy workshops


We spend some quality time on the foundations: doing warm up drills and learning the basic hand motions. Lower case and capital letters are covered in this class so you can leave able to write notes. Not to leave you hanging there, we go over connecting letters, making words, writing sentences and how to write a traditional letter (by hand!).

dallas calligraphy classes lefthanded

Everyone gets a one-on-one progress review to help work out any trouble areas. For those afraid you will forget what we have learned — a wonderful class booklet is provided along with a pen, notepad and pencils. 

dallas handwriting penmanship classes


We end the class with a pen round table where the participants get to test out different pens to find their favorite… because what works for your neighbor may not be your favorite. 

lefthanded calligraphy workshop class

handwriting penmanship calligraphy workshop class dallas

Quick and easy tips for improving your penmanship at home – slow down! Develop a rhythm of writing and stick to it, slow down with the pen and you will see an ease of flow with the letters develop. Also, it is okay to write on lined paper.  I’m a seasoned letter writer and still use guides to keep my lines straight. If you want to write on unlined correspondence paper – just place a piece of notebook paper underneath and follow the lines.  When you are finished, you have written in straight lines without them being there and your recipient will be soooo impressed!

Many thanks to Nicole for sharing a peek inside her penmanship workshop! Looks fun, doesn’t it? Be sure to check out Nicole’s designs this month – they’re on sale through the end of February (and Bella Figura customers save on calligraphy addressing from Nicole, too!).

Modern Wedding Calligrapher – Wedding Invitation Names

I love that I get to work with Bella Figura and provide custom wedding calligraphy to so many couples.  Everyone makes it custom with their own selections.  This one is so great with the fun envelope liner and using my Hayden style.  Today, I am totally crushing on it!

Modern Wedding Calligraphy

Event Calligrapher – Party Modern Calligraphy

I will be sharing a few of my favorite real Bella Figura invitations this month and gosh – this is a beauty.  The Hayden Lettering + rose gold foil that just shines = that cute bee at the bottom = party in my book!

Event Calligrapher Weddings

Sale! – Bella Figura Calligrapher – $25 off Addressing Order

I am thrilled to announce my first ever promo/sale with my friends at Bella Figura!  I am their designer of the month. Which means all designs by me are on sale for 10% off during the month of February. You can combine this offer with our 10% discount when you order 6 printed pieces or more, so stock up!

Modern Calligraphy Invitations

Plus – I have decided to offer their customers an exclusive $25 off addressing orders of $100 or more.  So if you order any invitation through bella figura – now is the time to book my addressing services because you will save $25 off your order through me. Yay for you!  Please be sure to mention the promo when sending your inquiry so I know you are a Bella Figura/Smock client.

Traditional Modern Calligraphy

A glimpse of what is new this year:

The darling and modern betsy in my popular Hayden hand.

Luxury Wedding Calligrapher

New and gorgeous Samantha in my NEW brush script.  Gosh I love this one – hope you do too!

Wedding Invitation Brush Calligraphy

This offer is valid to all booked clients who have, ordered invitations through Bella Figura, signed a contract and paid their retainer by February 28, 2015.  Pretty simple!

Modern Calligraphy

All photos courtesy Bella Figura – Thank you!

New Handwriting Class – Dallas Calligrapher

Hello!  I am so pleased to finally announce that I am going to be offering handwriting classes.  This has been on my heart for a long time – the revival of the hand written note.  So many times I hear “please excuse my terrible handwriting” or “I have terrible handwriting”.  I understand, in today’s world of computer and tablet and mobile devices; there is not a need to pick up a pen and write anything anymore.  (Who still even writes a check with on-line bill pay and plastic in their pockets?)  If you don’t use a skill, you lose it.

So, about a year in the making – I have decided to share my love of writing.  With so many calligraphy classes being offered, I wanted to offer something accessible to everyone… using everyday supplies.  Just a ball point pen and paper.  To empower people to be proud of their handwriting, not ashamed.  To write love notes to be kept and treasured.  To send thank you notes that people can read.  It takes time and thought to sit down and write something.  Make it have meaning.  Make it be something tangible and treasured.

Let’s start using our hands to create friends.  Let’s share love through the written word.  Take pride in Penmanship.

Dallas Calligraphy Classes

My first class will be to celebrate Handwriting Day.  Held at the wonderful creative studios of Southern Fried Paper.

Please join us for the start of something wonderful.  Also, there will be snacks and mimosas so you will be sure to improve over the course of 2 hours :-)  All supplies will be included – Just bring yourself and a good attitude.

You can register in my shop here.  Seats are limited.  If there is a great response, I will offer more classes!




California Wedding Calligrapher – with Sugar Branch Events + Braedon Photography

A few months back I posted this photo to instagram of a lovely invitation set I was working on.  The layout was one a bit more complicated than I normally do and I loved it!

luxury california calligraphy

I finally got organized and wanted to share a few images from the wedding of the gorgeous driftwood place cards I hand lettered for the event.  Let me tell you – wow.  These turned out perfect in her setting.

modern wedding calligrapher driftwood place cards

california calligrapher

Look at this gorgeous bridal party!

california calligrapher

Thanks to Sugar Branch Events for bringing me in on this great wedding and Braedon Photography for capturing everything!

Modern Calligraphy Menu – Bella Figura Mitty

The simplicity of this menu is leaving me smitten today.  The mitty headers, grey on thick white card, beautiful letterpress.  It’s perfect for any occasion!

bella figura calligraphy menu

I think I would use this for a great birthday party or special dinner party – how would you use it?

printing/design by the always awesome Bella Figura!

Luxury Wedding Calligrapher – Modern Wedding Vows

It is such an honor when one of my couples returns after their wedding to have their wedding vows transcribed.  While, I do not take on this type of work most of the year – I make a special exception during November/Early December for holiday gifting. These special vows turned out so lovely in the traditional black with touches of gold accents.  The vows are going to look stunning framed and are a great reminder of their newlywed love and optimism throughout their marriage.

modern wedding calligraphy vows

calligraphy wedding vows

Luxury Calligrapher – Holiday Gifting

For the holiday season, I had the pleasure of working with a group of 22 men who were gifting their wives a special day.  As part of the package, they each wrote a personal love note that I transcribed and tied up to be placed on top.  While I cannot share the inside, I snapped a lovely shot of all the scrolls lined up, organized, and ready for gift giving.  This was such a special gift – husbands, take note!

gift calligraphy

Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Names – Nebraska Modern Calligrapher

Sometimes I get to contribute my lettering to another stationers design – and I LOVE it!  It is such a great way of creating something unique for the couple.  This set was designed by Meldeen and we modified my Mitty style to be a bit more loose.

modern wedding calligrapher